This is by far the best veterinarian clinic that I have been to
I trust them so much with my beloved pets.
they care for my beloved four legged family members as if they were there own
I can't thank The staff and Doctor enough for saving my cat Domino AKA Minnie life
I brought her in thinking she got pregnant because her stomach was bloated but as soon as the vet examined her they found out she was not pregnant but had a huge mass in her stomach which would've caused her to die
but thankfully the veterinarian and staff put her into surgery right away and saved her life
I now take my dog Zoey here
your care for people and animals doesn't go unappreciated
I want to thank you all SO much!!!

This place is amazing the shelter staff are very knowledgeable and honest.From my experience the staff here tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about the dogs and cats history ,any medical issues, special diets, personality the list goes on! . They interview potential adopters and find possible matches that fit the persons situation. Dog's go on trial to approved adopters before finalizing the adoptions which gives people a chance to see for themselves and decide if that dog fits into their home how cool is that!?. I can say so much more anyone looking for honesty and help in finding their perfect match i HIGHLY recommend this place. If they don't have a perfect fit they will educate you and give you honest advice on what to look for. Very helpful staff that really care about the animals. You'd have to visit to see for yourselves.

I love this place! Dr. Moberg and staff are so compassionate. They really care about animals. I am so grateful to have Dr Moberg as a vet, she is awesome!

Like any doctor, they take care of their patients...even if their parents don't always have their best interest in mind. Have had many pets of my own, and know many others who are very happy with them. Keep going Dr. Moberg and staff, you keep doing what you do!!! <33 love you guys

We have been taking our animals to the clinic since it opened. The doctors and staff are excellent, caring and informative. Dr. Mohberg went above and beyond to save our dog, meeting me at the clinic on a holiday weekend. They offer wonderful services for affordable fees...highly recommend.

I drove from Pittsburgh PA to OC NJ to adopt a lovely senior kitty named Tiger. The staff were so helpful and thorough and pleasant. They truly care about the animals that live there and I feel like they cared about me. I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you all so very much.

I couldn't be happier with the veterinary care provided by the staff at The HSOC vet center. They are thorough, they care, and they spend as much time as needed with my animals (my puppy, and my seniors) to ensure they are healthy and happy. Thank you so much for providing exceptional and affordable veterinary care!

Had a great time helping with new cat cages and all. The staff really loves animals and is very Friendly.

Outstanding Veterinary services. Dr. Moberg and the staff provide excellent care and service to their client's pets. The Shelter staff is caring and does an excellent job in placing animals in their forever homes. My family is also impressed with the services they provide to the community : Low cost spay/neuter, animal behavior , education and animal control. This is why they must of received national recognition in 2014. "Keep up the Great Work"

Almost a year ago now, my boyfriend and I adopted a beautiful cat named Lucy. She was black and white--with the cutest little bow tie on her nose. We were looking for a loving, lap cat, and that's exactly what we found in her. A year has passed and we have been so blessed to have such an amazing cat like her. She's more than we could have ever hoped for, and I am still so grateful that the staff held onto her when we had trouble getting back there for a week.
I want to thank you guys so much for doing that. I know you said you thought we were perfect for her, and I am so happy for that. It gave us the opportunity to receive this beautiful little gift. She loves being in laps, always friendly--even towards strangers, and sleeps with us every single night. And, those are just some of the great qualities she has.
I'm sorry we haven't gotten the chance to bring her back for you guys to see, but we will someday for her checkups. Just know she's being taken care of and we love her so much!

Love this vet! We have been coming here for years!

We had a great experience at this shelter! The facilities are very clean and the animals all looked healthy and happy. The staff spent a lot of time with our family and offered great training advice to get us started off on the right foot. Will highly recommend to friends and family!

Best place to adopt an Animal... Staff is really helpful and George is the BEST with the dogs. The way they handle adoptions, trial periods, and supplies are great for animal and owners. Thank you for all you do for these poor helpless animals

I have been to a lot veterinarians and have encountered a lot of doctors but the Humane Society of Ocean City is definitely on key from the receptionist to the techs and of course the doctors ...I wouldn't take my Furbabies anywhere else... They are compassionate and caring. I just wish all veterinarians were like this

They go above and beyond what anyone would expect! I wish I had room to adopt more but three loving, adorable, healthy and energetic kitties is all I can handle. The level of service after the initial adoption is what I admire and appreciate the most. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers for all the hard work.

Awesome interaction with cats. They're free roaming and so friendly. So many beauties. Place is immaculate and very easy to tell they're very much loved by the volunteers.

very hard working knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to caring for animals that no one wants .

Awsome Shelter with a very caring staff. I volunteered at the shelter when I was a teenager. I have adopted several dogs over the years and continued to visit constantly. I think they Ocean City Humane Society is the best place for any animal sense it's a no kill shelter and their staff cares about placing the animals in loving homes with loving people.

Affordable quality vet, the staff truly cares about the animals

Both of our cats came from there and they are absolutely wonderful ! A beautiful Tabby with a personality to match ! and a crazy black and white female. They both love their family so much!!
Thank You OC Humane for filling our lives with these joyful animals.

They really care about your pets

Lisa is an absolute professional love. I just love this clean environment for the fur babies

Very nice people, go find your next best friend

My daughter had recommended OC Humane Society because she had gotten her cat neutered there and I needed to have my Abigail spayed somewhere that I could not only trust with my baby girl but that was affordable and this place was it!!!! Everyone was so friendly and prompt. It was definitely affordable, I was able to get my Abby spayed and get her shots for $120! Thank you to everyone at OC Humane Society for taking such good care of my girl, I will tell EVERYONE that they can trust you with their fur babies