"Best Friend" Sponsorship Program for Resident Shelter Cats

Would you sponsor one of our timid feral cats? Feral cats and kittens generally fear humans and their touch. Their past lives and experiences often justify that fear. Mother feral cats teach their kittens to fear and avoid humans. Many of the shelter's resident cats have never lived inside before, in regulated temperatures with soft comfortable hiding places and access to nutritious, tasty food. Some have imperfections like a missing eye, bent ear, or a damaged tail. Many are so shy that they are nearly impossible to place in a home. Others may have a manageable health condition that makes them "special needs." Our "Feral Room" is their sanctuary. Its comfort, cleanliness, hidey holes and toys are ensured by donations to our "Best Friends" cat sponsorship program. For a minimum donation of $60, you will receive a framed picture with information about your sponsored cat.