Adopt a Dog or Cat in Ocean City, NJ

Visit the Humane Society of Ocean City today

Experience how it feels to be loved unconditionally when you adopt a cat or dog from the Humane Society of Ocean City. We strive to match you with the right pet for your lifestyle. Our adoption counselors help you through the entire process. First, we’ll ask a few questions to ensure the pet would have a suitable home.

Next, you’ll fill out a free application. We strive for a low return rate, which is why we require a 24-hour waiting period after submitting an application. We just want to make sure it’s not an impulse buy. Take advantage of our affordable adoption fees:

Dog Adoption Fees:

  • Under 6 months: $325.00
  • 6 months to 7 years: $225.00
  • 8 years and over: $125.00

We want you to make it a family decision, so feel free to bring the whole family in to pick out a new furry family member. Trial periods are also an option, which involves taking the dog home for one week to see if he’s a good fit for everyone. Stop by the pet adoption center today to meet your new four-legged friend!

Get more when you adopt a dog or cat from our pet adoption center

After you adopt a dog from the Humane Society of Ocean City, you can bring your pet back to participate in a behavioral program or dog training class with certified staff. These classes will make the transition easier for you and your new companion.

You can also receive a 10% lifetime discount at our vet hospital when you adopt from us. You just can't beat this savings, so stop by today if you're ready for a new furry friend in Ocean City, NJ.